Böëna spearheads the reopening
of Barra de Tortuguero’s Rural Highschool

Böëna Costa Rica

As part of BÖËNA’s exemplary efforts to put Costa Rica sustainability at the forefront of its operations, BÖËNA recently spearheaded a community-wide initiative to provide essential repairs and materials to facilitate the reopening of Barra de Tortuguero’s rural high school.

The school had been closed for over three years due to the unsafe conditions of its classrooms and essential structures. Approximately 120 high school students received classes at different facilities in town, making a cohesive educational and administrative environment challenging to maintain.

Hotels in Tortuguero, Costa Rica, unite

On March 3, 2023, BÖËNA received a request from the school’s administrative board to assist in providing suitable conditions for students to receive classes. The restoration of five classrooms, the cafeteria, and the student/staff dining area was soon carried out, including new roofs, interior ceilings, fresh paint, and a new electrical system. In total, BÖËNA supplied 4.5 million CRC, equivalent to $9,000 USD in materials and labor costs.

Böëna Costa Rica
Böëna Costa Rica

Other hotels, such as Mawamba Lodge and Laguna Lodge, were part of the project, contributing funding and/or labor. The administrative board and parents also participated in the school’s restoration.

Empowering Tortuguero Costa Rica communities

“Our staff is 100% from the local community, and we believe in the value of investing in education and doing projects together with community organizations and businesses in the tourism sector,” said BÖËNA’s Sustainability Manager, Priscilla Murillo, who, along with Tortuga Lodge’s Resident Manager, Rodrigo Alfaro, helped lead the project to fruition.

Böëna Costa Rica
Böëna Costa Rica

Resources donated by Tortuga Lodge and BÖËNA, including materials, equipment, and labor, were partially funded by the one-time Conservation Fee guests pay when visiting the Lodge.

The BÖËNA Company philosophy dictates that contributing to education is a priority for achieving sustainability. And the need for the community’s youth to receive classes in safe and comfortable facilities was paramount.

Barra de Tortuguero Rural Highschool officially opened its doors to receive students and staff on June 20, 2023.