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Böëna Wilderness Lodges

These four unique sites are more than luxurious spaces to relax; they are places to experience life in ways that heal body and soul, that awaken the senses and inspire new meaning. At these four dazzling lodges, you’ll marvel at the purity of the unspoiled water and the most intimate environments of the tropical forest. You’ll know that while you’re enjoying experiences at the highest level, you’re gathering magical memories.

Pacuare  |  Osa Peninsula  |  Monteverde  |  Tortuguero

Monteverde, Puntarenas



Some of the most spectacular cloud forests in the world are found here — magical places shrouded in mist and crawling with wildlife. From the trails of its numerous nature reserves, you can see the elusive resplendent quetzal, dozens of hummingbirds, and a huge variety of ferns and orchids. Founded in the 1950s by a Quaker community from Alabama that specialized in making cheese, Monteverde was one of the first places in the country to see the value of conserving trees rather than cutting them down. Today it’s both a natural wonderland and a national center for adventure tourism, with ziplining, hanging bridges and bungee jumping, as well as a herpetarium, bat museum and other attractions.

Tortugero Canals



The amazing canals of Tortuguero National Park on the north Caribbean coast have justifiably been compared to parts of the Amazon or Orinoco, as much for their beauty as for their rich biodiversity. Tortuguero is most famous as a sea turtle nesting ground, a place where visitors can see turtles laying eggs in the sand, or watch hatchlings emerge from their nests and waddle toward the sea. Its swamps are homes to endangered manatees, as well as 400 species of trees and 2,000 of other plants. The boat tours of its myriad canals, with monkeys, caimans and tropical birds, will make you feel like you’re exploring the heart of the rainforest. Reachable only by boat or plane, Tortuguero is one of Costa Rica’s most iconic destinations.

Corcovado National Park


Peninsula de Osa

Exploring the Osa feels like reaching the end of the world, with its towering cathedrals of primary rainforest filled with big fauna, including tapirs, felines, peccary, monkeys, sloths, anteaters and crocodiles. The vast Corcovado National Park is considered the crown jewel of the Costa Rican park system — the wildest and most remote place in the country that’s accessible to visitors. The tip of the peninsula offers superb surfing, among other adventures that include waterfall rappelling, tree climbing, ziplining and birdwatching. Wherever you turn, the Osa breathes diversity and enchantment, resilience and virgin beauty.

Pacuare River



Considered one of the 10 most scenic rivers in the world, the Pacuare is famous for its whitewater rafting, featuring the ideal length and gradient, clean, warm water, a succession of thrilling rapids and absolutely stunning jungle scenery. Originating on Costa Rica’s tallest mountain, this magnificent river traverses a vast expanse of primary tropical rainforest before flowing into the canals of Tortuguero. The protected zone around the river is part of the most extensive biological corridor in Central America, some 500,000 hectares (1,235,526 acres), reaching from the Pacific to the Caribbean and to the border with Panama. The Pacuare is also home to indigenous Cabécar communities who still maintain their traditions and culture.


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