Böëna’s Brewery Debut
Böëna’s team of brewers is cooking up a seriously noteworthy collection of craft beers

Böëna Costa Rica

Most visitors to Böëna’s Wilderness Lodges are genuinely delighted to learn that—in addition to all the amazing attributes each lodge offers—Böëna makes its own Craft Beer!

The inspiration behind Böëna’s artisanal brews was born nearly ten years ago when Pacuare Lodge’s founder Roberto Fernandez invited a mixologist to help him transform the lodge’s pure Bajos del Tigre spring water into Pacuare’s first craft beer.

To help him tackle the ancient art of brewing, the duo asked Tico Birra, Costa Rica’s premier brewer and raw material importer, to provide tutelage to his newly formed team of soon-to-be brewers.

Under the seasoned expertise of Tico Birra’s Luis Fallas, a nationally- and Chilean-trained Master Brewer, the hopeful team at Pacuare Lodge developed their first batches of fermented ales.

Böëna Costa Rica
Böëna Costa Rica

A beer is born at Pacuare Lodge

What really stoked the beer-brewing “fire” at Pacuare, however, was the excellent customer feedback.

The first artisanal ale offered to Lodge guests was Pacuare’s Summer Ale. Developed by Pacuare Brewer Esteban Gonzalez, the aptly named Summer Ale is light and refreshing with a distinct malt protagonist, moderate barley notes, and just a touch of bitterness to add balance and a crisp finish.

Hot on the heels of its Summer Ale, Pacuare released the flagship Huacas Pale Ale, named by the lodge’s long-term staffer Maureen Montenegro in honor of the rich indigenous heritage that permeates Pacuare Lodge. The Huacas Pale Ale is a golden-hued IPA characterized by citrus and fruity hops, which lend a moderate bitterness, perfect balance, and distinct aroma to the ale.

Pacuare’s most recent addition, the Pacuare Lager, was inspired by the outdoor experiences guests enjoy during their stay at the Lodge. Wanting to give visitors a light and satisfying ale that wouldn’t slow them down, the team of brewers introduced the Pacuare Lager, a refreshing beer with a light body and high carbonation, perfect for a hot, adventure-filled day in the rainforest.

Böëna Costa Rica
Böëna Costa Rica

Welcome, Lapa Rios Craft Ales

Following the acquisition of Lapa Rios to Böëna’s collection of wilderness lodges, Böëna began preparing new facilities to anchor the art of brewing at its Osa Peninsula destination. Like at Pacuare, the purity of the Matapalo spring water at Lapa Rios is perfect for crafting quality ales.

Lapa Rios Brewer, Angel Artavia, is leading the movement and has since developed two distinguished ales. The first is his Coqueta Cream Ale, which Roberto named in honor of the region’s delightful Coquette Hummingbird. Meaning “flirty" in English, the Coqueta Cream Ale is genuinely smooth, blonde in color, and has a medium body finish.

Böëna Costa Rica
Böëna Costa Rica

“We knew the Cream Ale was good when we ran out several weeks before anticipated,” jokes Angel regarding the beer’s success.

Later the team released the Golfo Dulce Pale Ale, named by Lapa Rios’ lounge and restaurant hostess Vilma Oporto. The ale’s intense golden color, medium bitterness, and floral and fruity aromas make it a perfect match for the tropical climate and farm-to-table cuisine at Lapa Rios.

Pacuare’s signature Craft Ales have enjoyed such a successful reception at Pacuare Lodge that they are now offered at Tortuga Lodge in Tortuguero. Böëna anticipates the craft ale production at both locations will grow steadily in the near future, reaping new types and supplying all of Böëna’s exquisite destinations with genuine quality, Costa Rican-made craft ales.