Pacuare Lodge awarded CST’s Elite Level
honor for sustainability

Böëna Costa Rica

On January 23, 2024, the Sustainable Tourism Certificate (CST) Technical Verification Commission awarded Pacuare Lodge the highest ELITE LEVEL title for their exemplary application of sustainable practices across all aspects of the lodge’s operations. The Elite Level status was awarded to four of Pacuare Lodge’s key service areas: accommodations, gastronomy, spa services, and adventure tourism.

The CST Standard is considered one of the world’s most important technical tools for measuring applied sustainable tourism in countries such as Costa Rica. It recognizes the efforts tourism-related companies make to mitigate their impacts while taking steps to strengthen the social, cultural, environmental, and economic development in the areas where they operate.

Böëna Costa Rica
Böëna Costa Rica

According to CST, sustainable tourism is achieved by applying three essential actions: the appropriate use of natural and cultural resources, improving the quality of life of local communities and ensuring that the business’s economic prosperity is leveraged to support national development programs.

“The CST Technical Verification Commission is aware of the extraordinary work your company has accomplished implementing a sustainable tourism business model that supports your area's social, cultural, and economic development. We know this work is not easy, and we extend a special thank you for being a pillar of what we stand for and aim to achieve,” wrote the Costa Rican Tourism Board in the award notification.