Böëna debuts its
Company-wide Costa Rica Sustainability Policy

Böëna Costa Rica

In recent weeks, the BÖËNA Company of Wilderness Lodges officially released a Company-wide Sustainability Policy and corresponding Sustainability Manual that outlines its operational and administrative objectives in accordance with the standards set by the Costa Rican Tourism Board’s (ICT) Certificate for Sustainable Tourism and the United Nations’ Four Pillars of Sustainability.

Since its inception, Böëna has been guided by the concept of applied sociocultural, environmental, and economic sustainability. The Company’s philosophy is to contribute to conserving the world’s natural heritage by targeting areas with the greatest natural and cultural wealth and supporting the development of local communities through sustainable and regenerative tourism.

Costa Rica Sustainable Development Goals

BÖËNA’s Sustainability Policy is a declaration of the Company’s intentions in relation to its environmental performance and impact on local communities. It provides a framework of action and establishes objectives and goals that apply to every echelon of its operations, from management to staff and suppliers to local community collaborators, with guest enjoyment and security being the ultimate aspiration.

Among BÖËNA’s targeted goals is to Identify the positive and negative impacts generated by the BÖËNA collection of five wilderness lodges and develop environmental, social, and economic solutions to address and improve them promptly.

Natural resource management in Costa Rica

Other actions include developing and implementing plans to improve the Company’s comprehensive use of natural resources and waste management, as well as ensuring equal-opportunity employment for staff and respect for human rights. BÖËNA equally strives to protect, respect, and promote the cultural heritage of the communities where their lodges operate through awareness building, the conservation of natural resources, providing rewarding employment opportunities, and sourcing local service providers.

As the pioneers of Costa Rica’s sustainable tourism and community inclusion movements, BÖËNA has set a nationwide example through its applied efforts. By visiting BÖËNA’s extraordinary Wilderness Lodges: Pacuare Lodge, Lapa Rios Rainforest Lodge, Tortuga Lodge, Monteverde Lodge & Gardens, and Cloud Forest Lodge, guests have the rare opportunity to experience genuine sustainable tourism in action.

We invite you to review the document at the following link: Sustainability Policy