Sustainability Report

Böëna Costa Rica

At Böëna Wilderness Lodges we are committed to sustainable tourism and we seek to contribute to the development and improvement of the quality of life of the communities where we operate. This is a report of some of the programs, initiatives or activities that we have developed in 2023 with the collaboration of our staff, guests and support from donations we receive through our Conservation Fee.

Since our inception, sustainability has been a core value Böëna Wilderness Lodges. We strive to use tourism to acquire and protect the surrounding endangered rainforest instead of allowing it to take a toll on this precious and finite resource. Guided by The Long Run, we also implement the 4Cs Framework in our everyday operations (Conservation, Community, Culture, and Commerce).

Böëna Costa Rica
Böëna Costa Rica

The Four Cs provide a concrete way for businesses to internalize sustainability in our operations and decision making. It recognizes the importance of business viability to secure biodiversity conservation and community well-being in the long term, and this is implemented through a Sustainable Policy and Manual, active in all our Böëna Lodges.

Our sustainability efforts transcend each Böëna Wilderness Lodge to become agents of positive change for our children and generations to come. Through developing solid programs steeped in community participation and empowerment, we strive to ensure the restoration and conservation of Costa Rica’s unique natural areas and resources. To discover more about our projects or if you’d like to participate in any of our sustainability initiatives, please write to sostenibilidad@boena.com.

Many thanks to all the sustainability committees, who make up the teams with passion and dedication, and develop and execute each activity, initiative and projects in each of the communities where our five Lodges are located.

We also want to thank our research project allies, business partners, communities, and external organizations that, with their knowledge, support, and work, help us direct our sustainability efforts.

We have high expectations for 2024, and we look forward to sharing exciting news next year as well.